Great Team

Meet some of our Great Team

Every month we talk to the great people in our business (from the kitchen to the boardroom and all in-between) about what they do, why they love working here and what their favourite product is! Here’s this month’s flavour…

  • Robert Johns
    Planning Manager

    I joined Authentic in 2001 at the Stockport site, before Sharston had even opened, as the Sales Order Processing person, then moved to Purchase Order Processing, then to Assistant Planner and now Planning Manager. My role is to plan the products we make at Sharston & Stockport to ensure we keep stocks available to our customers so they can order our fantastic meals.

    What's your favourite thing about TAFC?

    The interaction with people, both from within The Authentic Food Co. and suppliers. The positive attitude of our people, who are so important to the business and the great products we make. The social events are also a really good laugh, especially the bowling and Christmas parties.

    What's your favourite dish?

    Iceland Chicken in Blackbean Sauce and the Lamb Samosas.

  • Joanne Bell
    SOP Supervisor/Credit Controller

    I joined Authentic in 2007 in Sales Order Processing before advancing into my current role as Credit Controller. My job covers both Credit Control and Sales Order Processing - ensuring payments are made on time and that customer orders, invoices and enquires are actioned.

    What's your favourite thing about TAFC?

    The variation of all the people that I get to deal with on a daily basis.

    What's your favourite dish?

    Our Chicken Makhani - it's so luxurious.

  • Joe Carne
    Process Development Technologist

    I joined TAFC in May 2016 as a Process Development Technologist on several accounts, working closely with the chefs to take concepts through to trial and successful launch.

    What's your favourite thing about TAFC?

    My favourite part of the job is working alongside chefs, production and quality teams and seeing products launch after a lot of hard work and collaboration between many different departments.

    What's your favourite dish?

    Choosing my favourite dish is a very difficult question because I really love so many of the products that we make. However, I do really enjoy our Mexican Burrito fills - always a favourite of mine at taste panel.

  • Scott Smart
    Engineering Maintenance Manager (UK)

    I joined The Authentic Food Co. when the Sharston site first opened in 2002 as a junior engineer, progressing through the years to my current role as Maintenance Manager.

    Whats your favourite thing about TAFC?

    The atmosphere and banter shared throughout the business, regardless of how busy or stressed people may get. The staff events (especially the bowling that the engineers always win). But, above all, my favourite thing has to be the drive and enthusiasm to grow the business and become the market leader.

    What's your favourite dish?

    Lamb Rogan Josh.

  • Kerry Dunn
    People Adviser

    I joined in March 2016 and my role encompasses all things 'HR' - from the initial recruitment to inducting new members of the Authentic team & supporting managers and employees with their HR needs.

    What's your favourite thing about TAFC?

    I love finding new talent to work for business, as well as working with my colleagues to bring the people strategy to life.

    What's your favourite dish?

    Vegetable Shanghai Noodles.

  • Michelle Carney

    I joined The Authentic Food Co. in 2007 and the time I have worked here has flown by as no two days are the same on reception. It's amazing how many roles you have to manage, from ensuring deliveries get through to site security, but I love being the first point of contact for people visiting or calling the company. It allows me to deal with a brilliant mix of people and queries as well as working with all the teams.

    Whats's your favourite thing about TAFC?

    This role gives you the opportunity to get to know all the directors and staff who you see on a daily basis as well as the suppliers and customers who visit site. The charity work I have been involved with has also offered some interesting and invaluable insights and experiences.

    What's your favourite dish?

    So many dishes it is difficult to name just one! I have narrowed it down to two - Thai Green Curry and Slow Cooked Chilli.

  • Joanne Ritter

    I joined Authentic in 2013 as a Technical Manager for both the Sharston and Stockport sites. I progressed into my current role on the purchasing team as a buyer of some of our key ingredients such as cream, garlic, ginger and chillies.

    What's your favourite thing about TAFC?

    The people here and working with suppliers to improve performance and drive innovation through our Supplier Performance Management programme.

    What's your favourite dish?

    So difficult! It's a hard choice between Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Samosas and our noodle products.

  • Loz Buckley
    Warehouse Supervisor

    After eight years serving in the army, I joined TAFC in 2011 as a HGV driver & then moved into the Warehouse. After three years as a Warehouse Operator I was promoted to my current role as Supervisor - although I'm still happy to help out with the occasional driving when required

    What's your favourite thing about TAFC?

    No two days are the same in this fast-paced business. The company is always focusing on the future with new customers, new meals, new concepts and improved ways of working. The relationships with other departments is great, which makes getting the job done easier.

    What's your favourite dish?

    Punjab Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Makhani Masala, Prawn Makhani, Beef Madras, Kashmiri Lamb and the Onion Bhaji's are excellent (better than restaurants in my humble opinion).

  • Aine McEneaney
    Production Supervisor

    I started in July 1993 as a general operator. I then moved to become a team leader, then supervisor. I have worked in many areas of our sites so have gained experience in all aspects of making our ready meals. I love food and previous to this I worked in a local delicatessen for 7 years.

    What's your favourite thing about TAFC?

    Love the people and I like working with the team to solve problems together.

    What's your favourite dish?

    Salmon and Broccoli Wedge Melt and Chicken and Lemon Risotto.

  • Carrie Moonan
    HR Advisor

    I joined Authentic in 2006 when I started covering reception. I then moved to QA admin and then onto Engineering Admin before moving into HR. I moved to my current role in 2012.

    What's your favourite thing about TAFC?

    I love that every day is different. Great people - there’s a real spirit of team work whenever we fund raise, no matter what the cause.

    What's your favourite dish?

    Chicken Madras.

  • Steve Bryant
    Operations Director

    I started as General Manager at our site in Dundalk and then got the opportunity to lead operations for the whole business. My background and experience is in chilled ready meal manufacturing.

    What's your favourite thing about TAFC?

    The people, the values, that it’s a family run business and we can empower the teams to deliver great products.

    What's your favourite dish?

    Mac 'n' Cheese with Chorizo.

  • Tom Lambe
    Control Systems Administrator

    I joined in 1997 when I started as maintenance technician on production and then moved to a PLC technician looking after the automation and controls. Now I’m over all of the automations, controls and instrumentation on site. A typical day is project work, trouble shooting and the upgrading of electrical controls.

    What's your favourite thing about TAFC?

    Lots of challenges in the role so I keep learning and I work with a great team.

    What's your favourite dish?

    Chicken Korma.